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The beauty of a blank page

Whether you like your paper lined, plain, dotted or embellished with some creative design, there is such allure about a blank page. What will take form on that page will be crafted by you; whether it is a shopping list, a guest list, your bucket list or a rough drawing of your next event set. And yet, a blank page can be terrifying if you are stuck with a deadline to hit. I will be honest, this is how I felt when trying to write this post … I wanted to write one in early September and yet the blank page seemed to halt all creativity, I could think of literally nothing to say (and those who know me well will know that is VERY unusual!). I had to think differently to make the words come …

So I thought about all the blank pages that were exciting to me; the diary pages waiting to be filled (yes I am still a paper based diary person), the agenda of a conference, the pages of my travel journals and the business plan for Potting Shed Events. The last one is the most exciting for me right now as we set off on this journey. Being part of the Potting Shed early on means that we can frame how we want to work, who we want to work with and what we want to stand for. The scope feels enormous and full of possibilities and everything is up for discussion. That said, there are a couple of things that we already know to be true. Firstly, our partnerships are at the heart of the business. Whether with clients, suppliers or members of the team, these relationships will always be our main focus. Secondly, we want to behave with integrity, kindness and, quite simply, do the right thing. This has always been important but the last year has really highlighted that these behaviours are critical to our industry and everyone’s mental health. Thirdly, we choose to enjoy what we do. This will not always be a smooth journey (it rarely is) but we will take the time to enjoy the highs and learn from the lows. These are just the starting points but what a base to build from. I can’t wait to fill these blank pages and watch the story unfold.

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