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What We Do

We run events. 


That is it in a nutshell but of course that may mean different things to people or organisations so here is a list of the sort of services we offer.  Think of it as a menu and you can pick and choose:


Create an event – thinking of arranging a event but not sure how to structure it?

Write an event – need something written for your group to achieve a specific objective?

Managing venues and suppliers – all these people make up a successful event team. 

We have our own black book or we are equally happy to work with your preferred suppliers.

Creative logistics – do you have a long coach transfer or a large number of people to move from one space to another?  We look for engaging and creative ways to make these difficult logistics add to the experience.

Dressing and entertainment – need to turn a dull conference room into a destination or entertain people who have seen and done it all before?

Budget management – where to spend and where to save we can help you maximise your budget.

The sorts of events we specialise in:


Those with multiple stakeholders or with a committee decision panel


Team game events


Those that require engagement from a wide variety of locations and/or cultures


Franchise partner events


Events that require message cascade to a wider audience

How we do it


When working with corporate and associated sectors budget management is, rightly, very much at the forefront of clients’ minds. With years of budget management experience of events and also the knowledge gained from managing a flourishing business, we ensure that the budget of any project we work on remains its backbone.  

What we do is fun!  We know for some people the idea of managing an event fills them with dread but that is why we exist. We love working in events and we need to make sure that we all take time to enjoy it. If the event team are happy the guests are far more likely to have an enjoyable time as well! 


The Potting Shed team is always reliable and professional.  This should, in our opinion, go without saying.  However, not everyone in events believes these two characteristics are as important as we do. But you can relax, knowing that we will do what we say and that we are as comfortable liaising with board level stakeholders as we are managing your guests on the day.  

We are firm believers that no matter the size of your event (or your budget) there are clever ways to be creative and make an impact on your guests.  Sometimes this requires lateral thinking, at other times resourcefulness, and occasionally the need to roll up our sleeves and use some elbow grease. The results are always worth it.

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