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Find out about what makes us tick PART FOUR

Our final week of pulling back the curtain on Potting Shed Events. And this week we cover what we enjoy. Enjoying what we do is a real privilege and one that we aim to never take for granted. This wonderful world of events has given us all amazing opportunities to travel, visit special places, meet incredible people and, in my case, meet my husband. So there are many things that we enjoy about the industry but there are also some perks that we enjoy as a company. Here is our list of five:

  • We thrive on finding solutions. We love the tricky brief, the one that makes you wonder if this is the one that you cannot solve – not happened so far!

  • We enjoy 2 duvet half-days each quarter. These random half days are designed to keep us as healthy and rested as possible in this relentless industry. They are not to be used to tick off life admin tasks but rather to be spent snuggled up with a book or in front of the TV so a real break.

  • We take our birthdays off so that we can properly enjoy them with our family – of course there is always birthday cake the day before or after!

  • We share the perks and benefits of our industry. All too often these are directed solely at the business owner or senior members of the team but all of our team deserve to be immersed in the industry – the tough bits and the nice perks. So all offers are extended to the whole team.

  • We enjoy each other’s company. We are incredibly fortunate to all get on as a team but we also work at it to make sure that we can enjoy our days together and not resent being part of a busy team.

This is the one area that when we were pulling together our list of five, we could have gone on for double or even triple that time. It is so important that we enjoy what we do, how we do it and who we do it with. We spend so much time at work and it is such a large part of our lives that it should be rewarding and enjoyable. I hope you have enjoyed our little behind the scenes tour of our business this month. It has been a pleasure showing you around and we hope that over the coming months more team members will join us and be able to see that these are not just words, they are very much who we are, what we believe, how we work and what we enjoy.

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