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Find out more about what makes us tick PART ONE

A client recently asked me “what makes Potting Shed Events different?” My response was both simple and complex. I believe that each event agency is different in their own way. The differences of any company are derived from all kinds of factors. Broadly these differences fall into four categories: who we are, what we believe, how we work and what we enjoy. The first of these categories is crucial, particularly in a service-based industry. People buy people and the relationships between us and our clients is everything to our business. We become an extension of their team and they of ours.

Internally, we have a culture guide which works alongside the Employee Handbook. The latter follows all the legal requirements and ensures that the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed, but the former is designed to represent our team and has been particularly useful when recruiting full time and freelance staff. In this guide there are five key elements that define who we are. They are:

  • We are grown-ups.

  • We make our own choices.

  • We act like owners not workers.

  • We have pride in what we do and who we work for and with.

  • We do the right thing

The guide was created in consultation with the team and will be reviewed and amended where necessary each year. Some of the other sections may vary a little (more on these in future posts) but I don’t see the five elements of who we are changing. All of the statements are deliberately simple and yet resonate with a truth that can be seen in the behaviour of the people I choose to surround myself with in the business. What makes us different? Who we are makes us different.

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